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10 Tips to help you style your wedding venue


Now I might be doing myself out of a job here but I am frequently asked for wedding styling tips or ideas for setting out the props you hire from me. I want your wedding venue to look as fab as you want it to, so here are a few of my tips to get maximum impact from your hired props.

1. Research

Research your venue, look at images of past weddings and find what they did that you like and didn’t like. What is the venue’s best feature’s? How can you make the most of them? What are the area’s that need decorating the most? What does the venue supply? Do they have furniture you can hire, for example.

2. Pick a Style

This is often something a lot my couples find the trickiest, picking a style! I understand, you like everything, so do I. Do what you love, the best weddings have a bit of the couples personality and taste all over it.  Let your imagination go and just do what you love. Once you know the feel and look, focus and try not to get distracted by all the inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.

3. Suppliers

Research your suppliers and choose people whose ethos and style match yours. Don’t try and do everything yourself, a good florist and wedding stylist will save you time and stress!

4. Plan

Think about your venue, the different spaces and how you intend to use them. You may have a big open space in a barn, for example, and you want to zone it off with a seating area and photo backdrop. So, think what you will need to decorate these areas and make a list of items required for each area, this will save so much time on setup day. Mentally walk through your venue and think about what each area needs.

5. Focus

Money can be tight and sometimes decor can be an afterthought. To save money and focus your styling, decorate the functional areas. Make a feature of your table plan, welcome table, dinner tables and of course your ceremony area. If you focus on certain areas you will save money and time when decorating and planning.

6. Moodboard

Create a moodboard of your ideas, Pinterest is great for this.

7. DIY

Some of the best weddings have the couples personality stamped all over it and this often comes from items they have designed or made themselves. If you or a friend are crafty then this is definitely something to consider.

8. Delegate

I know you want a DIY wedding but on setup day it can be pretty stressful. You will have a list of things that need done and your focus will be pulling your whole look together so allocate jobs to everyone who has come along to help. This way they know exactly what they are in charge of and won’t disturb your creativity with questions.

9. Prepare

Anything you can do in the days running up to your wedding, do it. Whether its sign writing or organising your props into boxes and bags, anything to save time on the day. A bag with essentials is also a great idea, think string, push pins, sellotape, scissors etc

10. Don’t Panic

Sometimes plans need to change! The caterer needs more room, your setup is blocking a fire exit, but just go with it. Necessity is the mother of invention and it will all work out. Have fun but if you feel like maybe you do need some professional assistance just get in touch!


Taypark house wedding prop hire
Photo by Barry Robb Photography



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How to use foliage to style your wedding venue

I love foliage and I especially love foliage at a wedding. I have seen some amazing foliage installations, by florists, in the last year. From a full on woodland entrance, which had the effect of walking down a tree lined street with overhanging branches, to a ceiling hanging foliage installation like the one below! They were both amazing but if your budget can’t stretch to something like this by a professional, foliage is still a great way to decorate. It can really make a room come to life and can also help stretch your flower budget. Have a look at the Real Weddings section to see how foliage was used in some previous weddings.

Photo via Rock My Wedding


  • Use foliage as a table runner like the wedding above, an easy diy and looks amazing!
  • How about sprigs of herbs for your place settings or as table ends?
  • A display of potted herbs clustered together works beautifully and smells so good!
  • Leaves can be used as place cards for your guests, cheap and effective.
  • Foliage backdrops are so popular and it’s easy to see why. I have 2 faux foliage backdrops in the Props section but I like to add real foliage to them too. A simple but effective diy.
  • Foliage installations for your ceremony area add the wow factor but calls for a professional florist. You can however try to diy some foliage to your arch.
  • It is also a very effective way to make displays come to life with a few bits of foliage placed in bottles, vases or tied to hoops and table plans.


The possibilities are endless, and it is definitely a favourite of mine.


Props to Hire

If you are getting married or having a party and love a rustic or boho look then our props, illuminations, table decor, chalkboards and signs can help you achieve the style you have been looking for. We have Marquee lighting, ladders, crates, easels, suitcases, chalkboards, signs, centerpieces, furniture and much more.

This post is no longer being updated, please go to the Props section to see an updated list of items available to hire.


Vintage Props (Large) –

Wooden Storage –

Post Boxes-

Metal Containers –

Baskets –

Wall Décor –

Ladders –

Table Plans –

Miscellaneous –

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Candlesticks –

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Vases & Bottles –

Lanterns –

Miscellaneous –

Furniture & Arch –

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Chalkboards, Signs & Easels –

Illuminations & Lighting –

Package Deals –

Boho Seating Area:

Includes – Vintage Peacock chair, rug of your choice, vintage brass Moroccan  tray table, vintage tan leather pouffe, 2 lanterns, 1 terrarium, 2  antlers, fluffy cushion and 2 wood carvings – Hire Cost £60

Retro Lemonade Stand:

Includes – trestle table, 2 apple crates, 7up & Coca Cola crates, 2 8l Kilner dispensers, Lemonade or Hydration Station sign, Love heart signs, vintage style scales and 4 dozen milk bottles (extra available if required) & Cinema Lightbox with custom message – Hire Cost £35

Vintage Drinks Table:

Includes folding vintage table, 4 decanters, water bottle, 2 garnish bowls, ice bucket, candlestick, tea light and fairy lights – Hire Cost £20